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  • Bill Glass

Just kidding! I love my day job which is coaching soccer at a small South Carolina college. For one thing soccer rules! For another it's just a privilege to be associated with young people during such important years of their lives.

Still, there are many days when I feel like I'm being pulled in several directions at once. And many nights when I go to bed feeling inadequate because only half the day's to-do list got done.

All right, I know that many of you are scratching your heads saying, "Welcome to my world!" For you, and for me there is one bit of good news i.e. when you work 24/7 there's no such thing as the Monday blahs!

Always good advice but I know people, some quite prominent, who don't always follow it. Just thought of this because tonight, thanks to GoDaddy, I created a website.  An amazing accomplishment considering my technological backwardness. But it had to be done. Having written a novel, I am determined to have some people read it, and the first step in marketing a publication nowadays is setting up a website. I'm happy that now I can cross that off my list!

  • Bill Glass

That's what we used to say about the army.  Our leaders were always in a rush to get us somewhere but then we would have to hang out there doing nothing for endless hours - usually waiting for transportation to show up.

Well it's the same way when it comes to publishing a book.  Every time you think your ready to 'flip the switch' something comes up.  Now we are awaiting a few last minute edits so that the ebook conversions can be done.  Target date is now April 14!