Always good advice but I know people, some quite prominent, who don't always follow it. Just thought of this because tonight, thanks to GoDaddy, I created a website.  An amazing accomplishment considering my technological backwardness. But it had to be done. Having written a novel, I am determined to have some people read it, and the first step in marketing a publication nowadays is setting up a website. I'm happy that now I can cross that off my list!

  • Bill Glass

That's what we used to say about the army.  Our leaders were always in a rush to get us somewhere but then we would have to hang out there doing nothing for endless hours - usually waiting for transportation to show up.

Well it's the same way when it comes to publishing a book.  Every time you think your ready to 'flip the switch' something comes up.  Now we are awaiting a few last minute edits so that the ebook conversions can be done.  Target date is now April 14!


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