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  • Writer's pictureBill Glass

Back when the first settlers

Came to this new land

They asked the current residents

To lend them a helping hand

So the Indians taught the Pilgrims

Everything they knew

And the Pilgrims, for the Indians

The mother of all parties threw

Now in order to commemorate

What happened way back then

I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

With these few lines from my pen

bill glass

  • Writer's pictureBill Glass

Et Tu Bezos?

Message on a bottle in a microplastic sea

Discount offer consumer product industry

New springtime fragrance now more loads

Recyclable reassurances convenience untold

At the vortex nature bows before our need

For disposable evidence of corporate greed

Intelligent people an exceptional land

Future generations will try and understand

As God sheds tears at the way we behave

Toward the Garden of Eden that He gave

Who can foretell our ultimate fate?

But plans are in place for some to escape

Thanks to all those who do as they ask

And work like slaves - time on task

But don’t feel superior in your gated place

You too will watch as they blast into space.

By William A. Glass

  • Writer's pictureBill Glass

How can you tell when your employer wants you to take off? Well, here are some possible hints:

  1. Your supervisor retires, but you are not interviewed for the job.

  2. You get moved to an office that's smaller than Melania Trump's shoe closet.

  3. Your new employment contract requires you to build a rocket and beat Jeff Bezos to Mars.

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