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At my age, I often wonder why I’m still coaching. Then I think back on our last regular season game. In a hard-fought match against a quality opponent, the USC Salkehatchie men qualified for post-season play while knocking a regional rival out. For the players, it was the culmination of three months of intense training and a tough game schedule. For me, the win brought the quiet satisfaction of seeing all that hard work pay off.

I’m not so shallow as to think college athletics is all about winning. Many of my players wouldn’t be getting an education if not for soccer. Their scholarships keep the cost reasonable. So, the real reward of my job is seeing them graduate.

Still, because it is low-scoring, soccer is emotionally taxing. It’s a rush when your team ekes out a tough win and a downer when the opponent does.

Knowing that the end of my coaching career is in sight, I realize how much I’ll miss both graduation day and the highs and lows of competition. It’s nice to know that I have my writing projects to fall back on. Getting a positive review of a novel that I labored on through many a late night and long day is like the elation of winning a soccer match. I’m thinking of this because a prominent online book club just posted one. Below is link. Please check it out!


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